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kindle "magazine" (up to 12 sources are free), http://www.kindlefeeder.com

The navigation is like the journals, newspapers, etc at the amazon-store with subheadings for each source [feed publication] and within that group are the listed articles. Premium features of this service come at $20 per year. And the list of suggested titles to subscribe to grows weekly, with many in languages other than English, too.

Choice of 3 delivery methods once you have selected one or more sources for your kindle: via email attachment for USB cable transfer; wifi delivery (free.kindle.com) or 3G wireless (at $0.10 per megabyte).

Examples of titles [sortable by popularity, average wordcount, title]

slate blogs 3900
Slate Articles 828/2 www.slate.com
The Economist: Briefing 2149/2 www.economist.com
Japanese Lessons with Maggie 1478/1 www.maggiesensei.com
Ik heb altijd gelijk 830/1 ikhebaltijdgelijk.wordpress.com
Telegraph.co.uk - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph 338/30 www.telegraph.co.uk
Dan Ariely 343/5 danariely.com
ダイヤモンド・オンライン - 新着記事 109/1 diamond.jp
The Guardian World News 896/331 www.guardian.co.uk
Culture | guardian.co.uk 653/33 www.guardian.co.uk
Books: Books + Reviews | guardian.co.uk 781/18 www.guardian.co.uk

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