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Early spring an extension for the Chrome web-browser was released that lets you highlight a section of the webpage, or the whole thing, then click to send to your kindle (free wifi, or paid 3G delivery). Then Early April www.sendtoreader.com began something similar for other browsers, but unlike the Text only helper for Chrome, this one also strips advertising but includes images/graphics with the text.
Here are some habits that I have learned while navigating around the content on my kindle and Internet.
1. Turn on the kindle with the slider, but instead of turning off with the slider, I just let the screen "time out" (10 minutes) since there is no power used except to rewrite a screen image. That way the moving part gets less wear and tear. Normally I only turn on the wireless for Web lookups or daily blog deliveries. Otherwise to save power, I leave it off. Periodically I reboot the device (well, not wipe out the memory; just do more than sleep mode and actually turn OFF the power by sliding the button and holding it for 17 seconds). As a result I have noticed quicker notation processing times (highlighting or add notes via the keyboard).
2. On the HOME screen you can jump to a particular page by entering a number and hitting the 5-way button. At the moment I have almost 2 screens of "collections" (folders) and 6 more screens of content, so this "jump to" feature saves me from paging down with the side paddles. Remember that ALT+toprow keys become digits 1-9, and 0 (far right).
3. Web-based email logging in (mark the option box "keep me signed in" if available)
---a) from HOME MENU >Experimental >Launch Browser just move the onscreen cursor to "refresh" to rewrite the screen with current inbox messages (if you last used that screen)
OR: from within Browser Menu >History --->go to Inbox
OR: from within Browser Menu >Bookmarks --->set a bookmark after you go to http://kinstant.com [several Web email/mobile links are there]
---b) from HOME or while reading eBook: type a single letter of your choice to prompt the Searchbox choices, then cursor to "go to" and thereby launch the browser
Within the Web-based email sometimes it is quicker to use the BACK button to go up from the email reading pane back to the inbox list view (rather than to cursor the onscreen "next message" or "back to inbox")
4. Select/Paste text: While reading an eBook press the 5-way to place cursor at the start of a search word or phrase, proceed to highlight the complete string but DO NOT press the 5-way as normal to finish the text marking. Instead press the SPACEBAR to launch the searchbox with the marked text prefilled for you. Then cursor through the choices: wikipedia, google, add this note, and so on.
5. Text markup:
---Cursor *up* from the foot of the screen if your passage is closest to the bottom half; or cursor *down* for a passage closest the top half of the screen.
---Select whole lines by cursoring up/down instead of following the words left to right in sequence one at a time
(it would be great of ALT+cursor down would select a whole paragraph!!)
---Selections that run past the screen bottom onto the next screen work best by cursoring from left to right until the display goes to the next screen. At that point you can again use the whole line (cursor down) method.
6. Adding a note to a highlighted passage (instead of highlighting and then separately beginning a new notation):
Begin the highlight passage but before pressing the 5-way to end the passage choose the "add note" function from the searchbox choices offered and then hit "save note" to complete the process.

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