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a recent promotion of this 43 page "how to" guide appeared Friday on the weekly podcast our of Massachussetts, http://thekindlechronicles.com 
Product Description A 43-page article for beginners on how to publish and sell short documents for the Amazon Kindle, such as magazine articles or instructional materials.

Topics include: Best practices for selling articles, how to determine pricing, pros and cons of book covers and images, how to represent articles accurately in e-Reader bookstores, tips for avoiding unnecessary costs and how to publish your article simply, without learning HTML coding or using conversion software.

Many of these tips are also applicable for publishing on the Barnes and Noble Nook and for Amazon "Singles" (short books ranging from 30-90 pages long).
Instructional Appendixes Include: e-Reader tips for creating table of contents links, how to avoid a common formatting problem, converting your article for a Kindle device, easy preview options before you publish, and a resource list of where to find free kindle books, podcasts, software and help forums. (Article: 7,900 words).

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