sampling the subscriptions

Each account (or device?) can try the kindlestore magazines, newspapers, and blog subscriptions at no cost for 14 days.
So I selected a half dozen mags and a half dozen newspapers.
1 Wireless delivery is like magic: the articles appear on time every time.
2 Clipping tool allows whole article to be set aside for later transfer to PC.
3 Navigation is great: move between sections, jump to next article or browse them by headline and blurb before deciding to read in full
4 Best article runs 250 - 1200 words, occasionally with a few small photos or graphics
5 Best quantity was about 20-40 articles per issue
1 Cost of content is competitive, but no paper residue, cool layout, full color. So I'd feel better if net cost were 2/3 the subscription price.
2 Some titles fell short of the ideal quantity and quality.
=-= Upshot
Newspapers: I may subscribe to San Jose Mercury News or Mainichi Daily for a month or two periodically, but can't justify continuous subscription/payment.
Perhaps a Sunday edition only, or a digest of the week's highlights would be a better value in my case.
Note: I didn't trial the Bigs: NYTimes or Washington Post or WSJ, for example.
Magazines: The Economist came close to my ideal combination of quanity and quality.
=-= Next step will be to sample subscribe the Blogs.
They are sortable various ways. I copied the top 100 according to various sorting methods at http://sites.google.com/site/big1file/blogkindle

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